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Tyne Theatre & Opera House

117 Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4AG

0844 2491 000

Central Station | 5 mins


This grand old theatrical dame has survived all the odds to remain a fabulous theatre venue run by a dedicated team of trustees. 


It's cultural and historical importance led to its grade 1 listing. This Victorian gem has survived all sorts of adversity over the years -  including being turned into a sleazy cinema!

On 25th December 1985 there was a fire in the backstage area of the theatre, which destroyed the flytower. Following the fire, on the 14th January 1986, a strong wind caused the remaining standing wall of the flytower to fall through the stage, damaging the Victorian wooden stage machinery and stage. Fortunately, work had been suspended on site that day due to the wind. Prior to this, the stage machinery was largely intact. Miraculously, the task of rebuilding began almost immediately under the direction of Mr Jack Dixon, who was responsible for organising the original restoration programme in 1977.

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