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Angel of the North

Durham Road Low Eighton, Gateshead, NE9 7TY

No Metro

Bus 21 from outside Monument or Gateshead Metro Station


Since it first spread its wings in February 1998, it has become one of the most talked about and recognisable pieces of public art ever produced.

It was in 1990 that the site, a former colliery pithead baths, was re-claimed and earmarked for a future sculpture. When sculptor Antony Gormley was selected as the winning artist in 1994, his designs originally caused uproar. The controversial material and site of the sculpture were frowned upon. However, once in place many people's original views on the piece changed completely. Local residents have fallen in love with the Angel and it has become synonymous with Gateshead.

It is out of town. Take Bus 21 from outside Monument or Gateshead Metro Stations

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